Website layout and design

Website layout and design is the look and feel of the website. It includes such things as colors of the website, images and pictures on the website, logo of your business, and organization of the website. These are all very important decisions because you have one chance to impress a potential customer and one chance for them to remember your business when a specific need for your business arises.

Color selection is a very strategic decision. Do you pick your favorite colors or do you use similar colors of the business or colors that relate to the business you are in. We will work with you on selecting the right colors for your website. You want colors that go together and blend smoothly. You want colors that associate the website to your business; you want people to be able to easily make the link between the two. We will work with you on deciding the best color scheme for your website.

Images on a website give the website some personality and character; it keeps it interesting. People like pictures and other images on a website. If you have a lot of content on a page you want to have some images. People lose interest if they see just a long set of paragraphs with no pictures. A picture or image breaks up the content and makes it appear less wordy. We will use any photos or images you have that you would like to see on the website and we will make suggestions based on the content.

Every business should have some type of logo. That is how someone remembers your business, they associate your business with that image and most importantly they remember it. Your logo should be on your website and on your business and on your letterhead. If you don't already have a logo we will design three to five different logos for you to select from for your website.

How the website is organized on the page is very important. You want a website that is easy to navigate through. So often websites looks great but they are organized badly and you have trouble trying to find something on the site that got you there in the first place. We will work with you on how the website is organized. Our goal is to make the website simple to find things and simple to get an overview of the entire content on the website. There are simple fundamentals such as placement of the navigation and placement of the content that we use to ensure an easy search for your customers.

Website layout and design is a very competitive industry. To stay on top of the trends we use designers that stay on top of the cutting edge new trends within the industry. Our designers are masters in what they do and design websites that represent the client company well.