Copywriting pertains not only to the content of the website but also to how the content will rank in the search engines. The content of the website is a very important step because bad grammar or poor writing will turn someone away from your website.

The content has to be interesting to read and it has to be free from grammar and spelling errors. We will work with you on deciding what you want your website to have on it and how you want it worded. It is important to be clear, concise, and most importantly easy to read and easy to understand. You provide us with a rough draft of what you want on the website and we will clean it up, add or delete to it, and make sure it is search engine friendly. If you don't have the content we can work with you on developing it. You want your website to have on it what you do, what you sell, and any information that pertains to what your business does. You website is an extension of your business and a key part of your business

For example, if you have a hair loss business that sells hair loss related products you what the products to be on your website. You will also want general information on hair loss to educate readers on what causes hair loss and why the treatments you sell work for hair loss. So not only are you information resources on hair loss but you are also a hair loss product retailer.

We will discuss search engine rankings in another section, but we will introduce it here as it pertains to the content of the website. Search engines work by keywords. Someone will go on Google or Yahoo or some search engine and type in a key word that relates to what they are looking for. So if they are looking for information on hair loss the search engine will come back with an extensive list of websites that pertain to the keyword entered in.

One of the big factors that determine where you rank on the list of websites is content. The search engine looks for keywords on your website that pertain to the search and if you have the proper content your website will rank higher on the list. Ranking high on the list of search results is essentially free advertising because if you rank high people will find you without you having to pay for people to find you. We will work with you on making sure your website has the proper content as it pertains to search engine keyword results.

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