About the Website Designers

Thewebsitedesigners.org is a collaboration of website professionals. We have selected individuals that we consider to be experts in different disciplines of website design and management. There are two main individuals that oversee the operations of thewebsitedesigners.org and are in charge of hiring other expert help depending on the project. They are Sam Jordan and Ann Meadows.

Sam Jordan's background includes being a website marketing professional and a copywriter. In addition to overseeing the business, Sam is an author and has been involved in copywriting and marketing for major companies such as Disney, Levis, and other fortune 500 companies. His primary focus for thewebsitedesigners.org is Internet marketing and website content.

Ann Meadows primary focus is programming, search engine submission, and search engine optimization. She is considered an expert resource for these disciplines. In addition to extensive training at the University of Central Florida, one of the largest colleges in the country, Ann continues to further her expertise by attending the most advanced courses and seminars on website programming and search engine optimization.

We have partnerships with other website design experts that we hire on a project-by-project basis. One of the biggest efforts we outsource for is website design and layout. We believe it is beneficial to the client that we use different website designers so we get a fresh unique look on every website we do.

It is easy to talk about ourselves and our experiences and how good we are at what we do, but we like to back it up with results. So take a look at our client page and see the websites we partner with and the websites we have designed and currently manage.

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